Protect your trademark in the new gTLD era

The Trademark Clearinghouse: Protect your trademark online

The Internet is expanding drastically....right now. Hundreds of new Top Level Domains (TLDs) are coming to market as part of the most significant expansion of the domain name system ever. More than half of these new TLDs run with open registration policies so that anyone can register a new domain name without restriction.

Brand owners need to react and adapt strategies to prepare for this rapidly growing TLD landscape.
And use the Clearinghouse as the one-stop-solution for protecting their brand in the new gTLD era.

This centralized database of verified trademarks connects to every of the more than 1,000 new TLDs that will be launching, to protect your brand in two ways:

Any trademark holder, private person, or company can submit their Trademark Record to the Clearinghouse.

Protect your brand by recording it here today, to be ready for this new universe of domains.

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NOTE: The Clearinghouse is not a trademark office. It is a centralized database of verified trademarks, of which most are already registered trademarks. If you still need to register your trademark, contact your local trademark office or trademark agent.